Greenhouse Level

The new UVU Science Building is a state of the art 160,000 square foot facility. The Science Building provides engaged learning with laboratories, classrooms, and more.

The space on top of this new building isn’t just a rooftop. It has been made into a greenhouse where students in botany and agriculture classes can experiment with growing plants in a controlled environment. The facility contains an office with supplies and three separate greenhouse rooms which can ben individually controlled for heating, cooling, humidity, and lighting. The rooms are strategically placed on the building in a direction where they will receive the most sunlight.

This level also provides access to the roof and maintenance facilities. Access to this level is limited. The doors are usually locked, so students must be in a certain class or have a teacher’s permission to access this level.

Utah Valley University
Science Building
800 West University Parkway
Orem, UT 84058