Memory Grove Park History

In 1902 Memory Grove was set aside has a city park. It, however, was not improve until 18 years later into the 1920s when female members of the Salt Lake chapter of the Service Start Legion lobbied the city to designate this park as a memorial for those who had died in the World Wars.

Since the dedication in 1924, there have been many people who have donated monuments to the park. Some of the more well-known monuments are The Pagoda (added 1932), The Harbor of Beauty, Meditation Chapel (added in 1948), the 145th Filed Artillery Monument (added in 1927), and the Stone Footbridge (added in 1927).

The park is still open today for anyone to pay their respect to those brave shoulders. The Memorial House, which used to be a stable and equipment storage shed in 1890, has been re-purposed as an event center. People can house weddings, parties, and even business retreats over at the Memorial House.

Memory Grove Park
375 120 East, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103