About James McBeth

Crossing River
7 acre pond on McBeth Farm

In 1909 the James McBeth Home was built. His home is located at 5256 West 10400 South Payson, Utah. He ran a farm of over 470 acres spanning from Payson to Utah Lake. He farmed sheep, horses, and cattle. Bunk houses are located near the house for the ranch hands. James was President of the Strawberry Valley Water Users association. He helped to build the Strawberry Valley Irrigation project. James McBeth was married to Diana Elmer and together they had nine children.

Currently the home and 80 acres of the farm is owned by Stephen and Elizabeth Laney. They have owned it since 1989. This is a private home but the owners are more than willing to give tours if you stop by.

James McBeth Article Omaha daily bee, November 13, 1910