Utah's Historical Treasure

Trolley Square

Trolley Square

Utah's Historical Treasure

About Trolley Square:

Trolley Square, since it was first established in 1908, has been the center of growth, commerce and industry in Utah. The unique property was selected to house Salt Lake City’s streetcar trolleys in 1908. The streetcar system was a modern marvel at its time that provided efficient and economical transportation for the people who lived and worked there. Today Trolley Square is a premier shopping center that provides the latest fashions, delicious food and entertainment for Utah’s residence. Its unique brick exterior, curvy ironwork and cobblestone floors take you back in time and provides an experience that draws thousands of visitors each year.


  • 1847
    Brigham Young Designates the Square

    Brigham Young designated the area as the Tenth Ward (a geographic area designation) of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1847.

  • 1908
    Barns are Built to House Streetcars

    large brick and mortar barns are built on the square to house Salt Lake City's many streetcars that transport its citizens all over the city. The streetcar system is considered a modern marvel of its time.

  • 1945
    Streetcars are dismantled

    The Salt Lake City streetcar system is dismantled and the future of Trolley Square is uncertain

  • 1972
    Barns are converted into a shopping center

    Facing demolishion, the unique brick barns, that once housed streetcars, are purchased and converted into a unique shopping center. Trolley Square Shopping Center, as it is called, is known for its unique character and rustic charm and has become one of Utah's premier shopping centers.

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