About Edelweis Chalet

The Edelweiss Chalet has been in the Schreyer family for about 30 years. Before the Schreyer’s owned the Edelweiss Chalet it was a private cabin that was rented out to people that wanted a nice Park City getaway. It's a very nice location very close to ski resort for winter skiing and beautiful mountain hikes for the summer. But since it has been bought the Schreyer family owns it and shares it as a family.

Many chalets in the European Alps were originally used as seasonal farms for dairy cattle which would be brought up from the lowland pastures during the summer months. The herders would live in the chalet and make butter and cheese in order to preserve the milk produced. These products would then be taken, with the cattle, back to the low valleys before the onset of the alpine winter. The chalets would remain locked and unused during the winter months. Around many chalets there are small windowless huts called mazots which were used to lock away valuable items for this period.

With the emergence of the Alpine travel business, chalets were transformed into vacation houses used by ski and hiking enthusiasts. Over the years, the term 'chalet' changed to be applied generally to vacation houses, whether built in a strictly Alpine style or not. In Quebec French, any summer or vacation dwelling, especially near a ski hill, is called a chalet whether or not it is built in the style of a Swiss chalet.