About Cove Fort

Cove Fort is located in Millard County, Utah along I-15 halfway between Fillmore and Beaver. It was founded in 1867 by Ira Hinckley at the request of Brigham Young. It uses volcanic rock in the construction of the walls rather than wood. The fort is a square, 100 feet on each side. The walls are 18 feet high and 4 feet thick. The fort has two sets of wooden doors at the east and west ends. The doors were orignially filled with sand to stop arrows and bullets. There are 12 rooms, 6 on the north and 6 on the south. Each room has a fireplace.

The fort served as a way station for people traveling for over 20 years. A town was planned for construction but the lack of water didn’t make it possible. Another reason for constructing the fort at the location was the existence of another fort nearby that the workers used for shelter while constructing Cove Fort.

Cove Fort was used for many years to house and feed up to 75 people at a time. Two stagecoaches arrived at the fort daily bringing travelers looking for a place to lodge. The fort had a blacksmith that resided there to shod the horses and oxen, and fix wagon wheels. The telegraph office was used as a regional communication hub and Pony Express stop. The fort is open year around. Missionaries live on site and offer tours as guest arrive at the fort.

Rancher Cabin Flag on Fort Inside of Fort