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Archaeology of Ancient Israel

Cruciform Columbarium

Video Transcript

We named this columbarium, or dovecote, as the Cruciform Columbarium because of its shape as a cruciform. It dates back to the third century BCE, to the Hellenistic Period, where the Edomites were settled in this settlement. It’s quite a unique Columbarium; first of all because of its cruciform shape, and also because it contains dozens of niches for the turtledoves, part of them in the shape of a triangle and part of them as oval shaped niches. As part of its unique architecture we have uncovered like a terrace on the upper part of the columbarium. This is only a decoration and a place where the turtledoves could walk and look at the other side of the columbarium. Also, we have uncovered at least two names of the people who worked here in the columbarium, probably the workers; one of them the ancient name, a greek name, of (Havo) that was inscribed on the wall.

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