Beit Lehi Tour

Archaeology of Ancient Israel

Jesus Is Here

Video Transcript

In October of 2005, right on the first day of excavations at Beit Lehi, one of the students from the Kimber Academy made a survey in the area and found a large water cistern. Inside the water cistern, we have found a large ancient Greek inscription, starting with a cross, mentioning the name of Jesus, (sounds like Yesus Ode) in ancient Greek, which means “Jesus is here.” Below the inscription, we have found a graffiti of a cross with an abbreviation of the two ancient Greek letters, (sounds like “He” and “Ro”) for Christos... Christ. And above the inscription, a graffiti of a boat with a person standing on the front of the boat, holding the sail; probably Jesus preaching in the Sea of Galilee.

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